Admitting your mistakes…

It’s been a stressful week for me…but I know I am not at fault!
My boss has , for the third time in two years, bounced a pay cheque to me….a pay cheque I depend on to pay my bills and raise my children!
She called me on Monday morning at work to apologize and set everything right…had her husband give me the cash to replace the bounced cheque, and told me to let her know if the bank has charged me anymore charges due to her mistake. When I went to the bank, the teller checked my account and it appeared as if one of my cheques bounced in the process…(upon further investigation I noticed that nothing was affected however my account was overdrawn over $500.00 and I do not have overdraft) the teller advised me to tell my employer that I need to be paid in cash or certified cheques from now on, in order to protect my account, my credit, my sanity!

The teller also informed me that if my pay cheques bounced again they would have to put a hold on my pay cheques when I deposit them for 10 business days to make sure the funds clear. Also that further NSF fees on my account, due to my pay cheque bouncing…causing MY own cheques to bounce, could cause my account to be closed!
After all, this is the third time that my boss has done this to me!

So upon returning to work I called my boss and I told her I needed to be paid in cash or certified cheques from now on.

So to state the facts:
She admitted her mistake
and did the best she could to rectify her mistakes……
Over and done with right?


On Thursday she called me at work
1.) the first call- she told me that the bank manager checked MY ACCOUNT and there was no notes stating that “Said Daycare” cheques need to be paid in cash or certified cheques.
She did not have my authorization to look into my account…I know the bank would not allow this …so I knew she was lying to me)
2.) the second call- denying everything said in the first call- telling ME that she never said they looked into my account, accused me of making up stories and twisting the truth- and in the same breath telling me that the branch did a search of all “Said Daycare” cheques that bounced in the past two years and they told her only 3 ( all to me) and that there are no holds on her cheques. She then asked me to call the bank manager and give her permission to look into my account with her! And that she needed the tellers name, description, etc as the teller was going to be reprimanded for giving false info!
(I knew this was also a lie because there is no way the bank could go back 2 years and pull all of my bosses cheques to see how many bounced because again that would be going through MY account without MY permission, AND IF THE BANK did a general type of inquiry on “Said Daycare” cheques it would take them more then one day to do it! Especially since my boss does not have an account at Scotia bank! Also note that my boss admitted in this call that the first call was a lie because in the second call she is asking me to give the manager authorization to look into my account….I thought she already did that????)

I did what was well within my rights after all this:

I called the bank and spoke to the manager (whos name was not “L” as I had been told by my boss but “A”)

after speaking with the bank manager it came to my attention that my boss DID call my bank, however the bank did not look into my account as they were not given my name by my boss AND they have strict confidential rules that they adhere to at all times.

I asked for a letter from my bank stating these facts and they said it would be ready at 4pm when i would be at the bank with this weeks pay cheque.

When I went to the bank at 4pm ( I actually got there at 4:15) I was given the letter and I spoke with two of the ladies that work at the bank. I asked if the teller would be getting into trouble for telling me to ask for cash or certified cheques and for letting me know of the further actions that could happen to my account if i receive further cheques that bounce form my employer. They assured me that under no circumstances did they ask for the tellers name and that the teller was acting well within “the banks rights to advise their clients of possible actions taken on their accounts” should this reoccur again. The teller was not going to be reprimanded for letting me, as their client, know how to protect myself.

SO here is the third lie told by my boss:

According to the Customer Service Representative “P” (who is incidentally the person my boss actually talked to…Not “L”,who my boss claims was the manager that she spoke with, or the actual bank manager, “A”, who I spoke with on the phone.)
3.) According to the bank my boss told them that one of “Said Daycares” employees stated ALL of “Said Daycares” cheques are being held for 10 business days


YES I did say that they would hold MY cheques from “Said Daycare” for 10 business days because they keep bouncing, but I did NOT say ALL her cheques, and I did NOT give any type of time line as to when this would start!

I merely told my boss that I would require my pay cheques in cash or certified cheques from now on.


Now here is some inside info as to other things that have transpired during all this drama.

I was asked by my boss NOT to let anyone know that this has happened to me, as she was TOTALLY embarrased.

I tried, but I can not help the fact that when she called me the first time I was standing in the community room with another employee, (the assistant supervisor)  as that is where we are to be in order to do our jobs, and that is where the children meet in the morning…the children that we are to be watching. That is where the phone is…it rang, I answered, it was my boss, I went to pass it to the assistant supervisor but was told by my boss that she needed to talk to me first as my cheque had bounced. I said “Which cheque?” at which point my boss asked me if anyone else could hear and that she wanted me to keep this quiet because she was embarrased!

Well it was too late! The assistant supervisor  overheard! I did not know what the boss was going to say and I did not know until after she said it that she wanted it to be kept quiet!

WELL…after I got off the phone, the assistant supervisor told me that she had quit working for “Said Daycare” 2 years or so ago for the exact same reasons! She only came back as the boss and supervisor told her we were better off financially and that this would NOT happen again!

In september of 2008 however my pay cheque and the assistant supervisors bounced…

Our boss gave us both an apology at that time and a letter from the bank stating it would not happen again!

(So more then three cheques have bounced from “Said Daycare” through the scotia bank because the assistant manager also banks at Scotia bank)

Also the cheque that bounced to me on December 31, 2008 from the subsidy office and was to be paid to all employees BEFORE the end of the year, December 31, 2008. Due to mine bouncing, I did not receive the funds, given to me in cash, until January 5th 2009 (incidentally they have given me a receipt that states they paid me in cash for the bounced cheque and the receipt is dated as January 8th, 2008.) If I were to call the subsidy office to inquire or complain, our subsidy at work would be frozen, affecting the other employees as we would not get the subsidy portions of our pay cheques, but also it would freeze the “Said Daycare” from receiving the subsidy portion of the fees for the children on subsidy. Further screwing my boss and “Said Daycare” from having the funds to continue operating….in other words …my boss could stand to lose everything.


We have a strict policy at the daycare which states we are not allowed to bad mouth or talk behind anyones back about them and we have had to sign a paper stating that we read the policy and will adhere to it, however no one has been given a copy of the staff policies.

The supervisor had approached me on Thursday (after I had all the calls from the boss) and asked me what was wrong. I told her I was not allowed to discuss the situation. She stated that she knew about the banking issues if that was what was upsetting me. So I said “Let me rephrase that then, I have a headache and I do not feel well, and I do not WANT to talk about it.”

After that conversation she approached the assistant supervisor at  two to three different times and asked if she knew what was wrong with me as I was being “snitty”. This is in direct violation of the staff policies, especially since she KNEW EXACTLY why I was upset and she knew what I was stressing over! By doing this she has told the assistant supervisor  that something was wrong with me, and that I was “Snitty”.

My course of action now, if my boss wishes to discuss this with me further, is that I will be asking for a meeting in her office, at work, during work hours, WITH a mediator of my choice, because I want notes taken so they can not further accuse me of making up stories and twisting the truth. That mediator will be the assistant supervisor as I now have issues with the Supervisor as well. ALL of this due to my bosses actions after January 5th 2008.

The bottom line here,

She admitted her mistake
and did the best she could to rectify her mistakes on Monday January 5th.


because I have asked for pay cheques to be certified or paid to me in cash, she has gone overboard to upset me , harass me at work and at home and on my cell phone after working hours (after I told the supervisor to let her know I did not want calls about this at home and on my time)

Had she left matters alone after Monday January 5th, I would have forgiven her and forgotten about this…

NOW however I am stressed to the max, upset, and suffering from headaches and nausea.

I guess she should have read this article:

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